Heavy-duty semi-trailer – what is it’s purpose?

Heavy-duty semi-trailer – what is its purpose? Quite often we are showing heavy-duty semi-trailers on our advertising. These trailers have [...]

Nestandartiniai gaminiai - mūsų išskirtinumas - DINAPOLIS

Non-standard products are our uniqueness

Here is one example of how we design non-standard products. This trailer is designed to transport salads or other [...]

Kelių greideris prie traktoriaus žvyruotiems keliams

Road grader to the tractor for gravel roads

          Smoother and safer roads with a road grader. This road grader is a great machine for road levelling. Using our [...]

Ka pasėsi 2019 agricultural exhibition in Kaunas

,,Ką pasėsi 2019″ exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is our country biggest local exhibition for agricultural machinery. This time [...]

Agrotechnikk 2018 Norvegija

Exhibition of beef cattle 2018

Ką pasėsi.. 2018