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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description

Different type of buckets and other attachments:

  • Buckets, forks, attachments for front loaders, telehandlers;

  • Buckets for heavy duty;

  • Buckets for bulk materials;

  • Buckets for construction works;

  • Buckets with grabs for manure;

Bucket brackets can be produced by Your loader.

Silage grab for telehandler/frontloader:

  • Strong frame for big loads;
  • High-quality German spikes with bushings: extremely deformable, adapted to work in difficult conditions.


Hydraulically operated, sturdy construction log grab for forestry work, to move or load branches and boards. It can also be used for storage or construction work, moving pipes, or other building materials

Produced by your choice:

  • Maximum opening 98 cm;
  • Attachment types are manufactured according to your loader.

Silage roller

Used for silage preparation in trenches. The ensiled mass is spread in thin layers and pressed into a heap. The roller is attached from the rear of the tractor. Hydraulic roller position adjustment. We will make the hanging brackets according to your wishes.

 Model Silage roller
Working width, mm 3000
Drum diameter, mm 820
Ring diameter, mm 1040
Empty weight, kg 1700
Mass of the filled watter, kg 1500
Possibility to attach additional weights  till 200 kg
Hydraulic position adjustment


Hydraulic cylinder , mm 1125
Plastic wheels on the sides yes
Electrical installation, reflectors yes
Attachments 3 point
Colour Two component painting: red and grey colour

Forks for bales, manure:

  • We can make forks by Your needs;
  • We have standard models;
  • Fork brackets produced by Your loader type;

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