Bale semi-trailer DINA RP

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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description
  • Trailer for bales

  • Platform for round bales

  • Platform for square bales

  • Platform for boxes, palettes

  • Tractor platform for transportation


These trailers are for bale transportation and can be provided to customer as a standard type or with hydraulic sides. Platforms depending to customers needs may vary from 7 m to 12 m and withstand loads up to 20 ton.

We produce modern semi-trailers and trailers for bale transportation. The hydraulic or air braking system ensures perfect braking of the semi-trailer. Easy to remove front and rear support frames. Hydraulic or mechanical leg can be mounted as an option.

The DINAPOLIS bale transport platforms are designed to transport various types of rolls, both round and Square. Platforms made of corrugated sheet, which ensures the stability of the bale during transportation. Platforms are designed to meet customer needs. We can offer longer, shorter platforms for bales. Bale platform trailer DINA RP DINAPOLIS transportation trailer.

Rulonų transportavimo priekaba DINA RPP (traktorinė platforma).
Rulonų transportavimo priekaba DINA RPP (traktorinė platforma).
Rulonų transportavimo priekaba DINA RPP (traktorinė platforma).






RP- 10500


Loading capacity, t 14 14 14 20 14 20 14 20
Trailer height with standard wheels, mm 1120 1120 1120 1290 1120 1290 1120 1290
Platform lengh, mm 7000 7500 9000 10500 12000
Total platform lenght, mm 8500 9000 10500 12000 13500
Platform width, mm 2500
Suspension type Sprung suspension
Brake system Air or hydraulic brakes
Standard wheels 520/50-17 520/50-17 520/50-17 550/45-22,5 520/50-17 550/45-22,5 520/50-17 550/45-22,5
Option wheels 550/45-22,5 600/50-22,5 550/45-22,5 600/50-22,5 550/45-22,5 600/50-22,5


Bale Platform with Hydraulic Folding Ramp is a much more versatile semi-trailer. The hydraulic ramp is used to roll on. This model was designed with the specificity of our clients’ work, which showed that such an option will be very useful for customers.
The design of this bale platform equates to the standard bale platform functions of transporting loads, but the rear part is designed with extra strenght to drive on. The rear ramp is controled by the hydraulic cylinders. Specially designed supports keep the ramp steady and you can go with the right equipment.



DINA RL-7500

Platform lenght, mm 7570
Platform width, mm 2500
Platform high, mm 1150
Loading capacity, t 14
Toolbox Yes
Brake types Hydraulic and air brakes
Suspension type Sprung suspension
Sprung drawbar Yes
Hydraulic rear ramp Yes
Axles type Q 90
Wheels 520/50-17

Front board

Rear board

Technikos pervežimo puspriekabė DINA LL (tralas prie traktoriaus)Support leg

Mėšlo kratytuvas prie traktoriaus - MAGNUM (Dinapolis)Sprung suspension

Non-slip metal bottom

Standard wheels

Side rails

Rulonų transportavimo priekaba DINA RPP (traktorinė platforma).Hydraulic sides

Sprung drawbar

Technikos pervežimo puspriekabė DINA LL (tralas prie traktoriaus)Bolt-on swivel towing hitch

Hydraulic rear ramp

Grūdų puspriekabės DINA DP - DINAPOLIS traktorinė priekabaAir or hydraulic brakes

Adjustable high support leg

Grūdų puspriekabės DINA DP - DINAPOLIS traktorinė priekabaRear eyelet with electric, brakes and hydraulic conections

Wider and higher wheels

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