Cattle fixing stall

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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description

Dinapolis manufactures and sells livestock device GS-220 for livestock care and G-250 for livestock transportation. GS-220 is designed for stable cattle keeping, during various procedures such as hoof care, udder inspection blood sampling, injections, marking and other procedures involving livestock health care. Livestock transportation box G-250 use for transporting livestock.


 Model GS-240
Internal dimensions:
 Lenght, mm 2400
Width, mm 1200
Height, mm 1600
External dimensions:
Lenght, mm 2951
Width without additional equipment, mm 1390
Width with additional equipment, mm 1644
Height, mm 1908
The weight of the stall without extra equipment, kg 580
The weight of the stall with extra equipment, kg 620
 Door lateral, front, rear
Front hinge bracket – holder movable with locking mechanism
Cattle head stability adjustable locking mechanism
 Transportation lifting loops
 Floor non-slip from 4 mm. corrugated sheet
 Surface two-component paint

We can also offer galvanized cattle stalls.



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