Compaction rollers

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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description

The main purpose of compaction rollers is soil preparation for sowing. Produced in a variety of 5 to 6 m with cross boards or without them. Soil levelling, clods crushing and cultivated surface compaction is what it is for. Compaction rollers are manufactured with a Cambridge-type ring. Also cultivation intensity can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab.


Model TV-5 TV-5LH TV-6 TV-6LH
Type Trailed
Working width, m 5 5 6 6
Ironing board adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic
Number of sections, no. 3
,,Cambridge‘‘ rings Ø510 mm,  no. 52 52 60 60
Narrow rings Ø530 mm, no. 48 48 54 54
Complete set Without ironing boards With ironing boards Without ironing boards With ironing boards
Working speed till 12km/h
Wheels 260/75-15,3
Minimal tractor power From 90 From 100 From 110 AG From 125AG

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