Half pipe dump trailer DINA DPS-18

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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description
  • Dumper for rocks, sand;

  • Semi-trailers for gravel, rocks;

  • Heavy-duty semi-trailer – dumper;

  • Tractor-trailer for construction work;

  • HARDOX® trailer body!


The modern half pipe dump trailer body ensures easy cargo emptying.  Heavy-duty dump trailers are designed for heavy work in construction and road works.  Trailer body made of hard-wearing materials for long-lasting service.

Halfpipe dump trailers are mostly used in quarries, road construction, and in the industries of recycling and demolition sites. These tippers offer maximum strength and durability due to their round body design. Hardox 450 metal is used for semi-round body production. The strength of the metal ensures that the semi-trailer has a lower weight and higher lifting capacity, while the HARDOX® metal features ensure durability and reliability.


Model DINA DPS 18
Maximum permissible total mass, kg 21
Loading capacity permitted by the manufacturer, t 18
Body volume, m³ 14
Dimensions of the trailer: length/width/height, mm 7310/2550/2870
Internal body dimensions: length/width/height mm 5600/2300/1100
Body bottom/ sides thickness, mm HARDOX®  6 /5
Tipping To rear
Rear door hydraulic
Suspension type Tandem chassis with springs
Sprung drawbar yes
Brake type Air or hydraulic
Support leg retractable, fixed with a pin
Wheels 600/50-22,5

*The maximum permissible total mass is set for use on general-purpose roads and may not exceed 21 t. The actual loading capacity of the semi-trailer or trailer may differ from the maximum permissible

Fixed drawbarSupport legSprung suspension
Hydraulic rear sideStandard wheelsHARDOX® 4/6 mm (DPS-18)

Grain trailer DINA DP - DINAPOLIS tractor trailers
Sprung suspension 1810 mmExtension sidesBall towing eyelet K-80
Air brakesRear towing eyelet with connectionsHARDOX® 6/8 mm (DPS-18)

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