Heavy duty dumpers DPS

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  • February 21, 2019
Project Description
  • Dumpers for rocks, stones;

  • Dumpers for sand, gravel;

  • Dumpers for heavy cargos;

  • Dumper for construction

  • HARDOX in my body!


Dumper is a gravel, rubble and sand carrying equipment. Made of hard wearing materials for long lasting service. Professional dumpers load capacity is from 9 to 14 ton. Specialy designed hydraulic lock provides security and excludes manual handling when opening and closing trailer‘s rear door. Each DINAPOLIS dump trailer offers durability and strength in a modern construction to reliably transport heavy materials in agriculture, construction, recycling and road works.

We produce DINA DPS -9.5 and DPS-14 tractor dump trailers to transport heavy cargos. Robust construction for hard works in construction or road works. The body can be made of HARDOX or S355 wear-resistant steel. These semi-trailers are designed to transport gravel, sand, crushed stone, rocks, lands. Heavy Duty Semitrailer DPS the most versatile machiney in your farm. Semi-trailers can be equipped with extension sides and could be used to transporting bulk cargo.


DINAPOLIS one of main benefit is individual production according to customer needs. Standard specifications can be expanded with wide range of options. If you need a higher, wider, lower body, we will do it. If You need a longer or shorter body, we will also design and manufacture it.


Model DINA

       DPS- 9,5


Body lenght, mm 4100 4500
Body width, mm 2400 2400
Body height, mm 820 840
Body volume, m3 7 9
Tare weight, kg 3190 3900
HARDOX400 buttom/sides, mm 6 mm / 4 mm
S355 bottom / sides, mm 8 mm / 6 mm
Tipping angle 55°  ± 2° 55°  ± 2°
Suspension type Fix or sprung bogy Fix or sprung bogy
Wheels 480/45-17 520/50-17
520/50-17 560/60-22,5

Fixed drawbar

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Support leg

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Bogie suspension

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)One tipping cylinder

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Rear single top mounted door with hydraulic flip door

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Standard wheels

Body steel S355 – 4/6 mm (DPS-9,5 ir DPS-14)

Grūdų puspriekabės DINA DP - DINAPOLIS traktorinė priekaba

Swivel towing eyelet

Tipping to rear, tipping angle 55º

Opening side

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Rear extension side

Sunkių krovinių puspriekabės DPS (Dinapolis priekabos)Body extension sides

Hardox – 4/6 mm; 6 / 8 mm;

Grūdų puspriekabės DINA DP - DINAPOLIS traktorinė priekaba

Air or hydraulic brakes

Automatic rear door

Technikos pervežimo puspriekabė DINA LL (tralas prie traktoriaus)Multi psotion eyelet plate

Technikos pervežimo puspriekabė DINA LL (tralas prie traktoriaus)Mechanical support leg


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