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Road grader to the tractor for gravel roads

Road grader to the tractor for gravel roads






Smoother and safer roads with a road grader.

This road grader is a great machine for road levelling. Using our Road Grader, you can maintain your roads when you want. It designed for gravel roads to level it and to make it safer. Suitable for removing potholes, grading, and creating camber to a wide range of surfaces – roadways, trails, tracks and rides. We designed a few types of road grader, for different jobs. The road grader is with three-blade, other is professional with hydraulic control.








Attaching a road grader to a tractor will certainly not be a problem for even one operator. It attaches easily to the tractor’s three-point rear suspension and allows you to adjust the height of the grader’s use.

Which type to choose?

  • small grader with two transverse blades and a rear leveling rake;
  • grader with hydraulically controlled rear wheels that allow you to adjust the grader’s level during grading;

Transverse knives smooth the top layer of the road and thus fill all the pits. The primary knives scratch the surface of the road, lift the stones and the resulting excess slides towards the next knife. The next knife distributes the excess gravel to the pits and also transfers the remaining excess to another knife. In this way, the transverse blades smooth out the unevenness of the gravel road.

Kelių greideris prie traktoriaus žvyruotiems keliams

Bolt on cross knives for leveling.

Kelių greideris prie traktoriaus žvyruotiems keliams

Reinforced construction even for particularly stony roads.

Kelių greideris prie traktoriaus žvyruotiems keliams

Height-adjustable rear ironing rake.


DINAPOLIS Road Grader is durable, productive and efficient tow behind road grader. From building new roads to maintaining them, this Road Grader is designed to help you get more done in less time.

Features and benefits:

  • Components. Long-life wear blades are bolted on, so You will be able to change it immediately. Hydraulic cylinders and other components are selected for long-term use of the grader.
  • Downforce. The grader design allows additional weight to be loaded for maximum grader pressure to the ground. In this case, the road grader will smooth the road unevenness even more effectively.
  • Manoeuvrability. The road grader is designed for use on narrow roads where manoeuvrability is required. With the short version, you can easily manoeuvre anywhere You need.