Livestock Cattle Crushes

Produced cattle fixing stall with a front locking device and a weighing system. The stall has a front and rear entrance through which cattle can easily enter and leave after care. GS-220 is designed for stable cattle keeping, during various procedures such as hoof care, udder inspection blood sampling, injections, marking, and other procedures involving livestock health care.


This video details the process of using livestock cattle crushes.

The mobile and easy-to-use cattle crusher booth are particularly multifunctional. You can use a cattle crusher anywhere on your farm by moving it with a loader. The functionality of the stall allows you to perform multiple operations at the same time, so it can be a tool used both on your farm and to provide a service to farms. The cattle crusher is designed so that the animal will feel comfortable and the person performing the operations will feel safe. A corrugated metal sheet is used for the floor of the stall, which maintains a better grip with cattle hooves.


Updated cattle crusher. The ability to adjust the width of the chrusher allows all necessary maintenance procedures to be inspected and performed on both large and small cattle.

Model DINAGS-220GSN-220
Outside dimmensions: lenght/widht/height, mm2951/1390/19082951/1390/1908
Inside dimmensions: lenght/widht/height, mm2360/815/17502360/815/1750
Adjustable stall width-YES
Tare weight, kg620 kg620 kg
DoorSide, front, rearSide, front, rear
Front hinge bracket -holderMovable with locking mechanismMovable with locking mechanism
Cattle head stabilityAdjustable locking mechanismAdjustable locking mechanism
FloorCorrugated sheetCorrugated sheet


Cattle crusher can be equipped with scales

Gyvulių fiksavimo gardas - panaudojimo galimybės.

Cattle lifting / restraining belt lifting device

Gyvulių fiksavimo gardas - panaudojimo galimybės.

Rear cattle retaining tube, which is inserted when the cattle enter

Gyvulių fiksavimo gardas - panaudojimo galimybės.

The head frame of the cattle is fixed by hand

Gyvulių fiksavimo gardas - panaudojimo galimybės.

The front door of the stall is opened manually


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