Road grader

This road grader is a great machine for road leveling. Using our Road Grader, you can maintain your roads when you want. It was designed for gravel roads to level it and to make it safer. Suitable for removing potholes, grading, and creating camber to a wide range of surfaces – roadways, trails, tracks, and rides. We designed a few types of road graders, for different jobs. The road grader is with three-blade, the other is professional with hydraulic control.



Model DINARGB 6760RGS 4000
Dimmensions: lenght /width ,mm6756 / 26744014 / 2382
Attachment2 points3 points
Wheels3.00-4  1 vnt / 6.00-9  2 vnt3.00-4  1 vnt
ColourTwo-component painting: yellow and blueTwo-component painting: yellow and blue


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